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Ottawa Estate Storage

As an Executor or Trustee, following a death you will initially want to secure the deceased’s home and Vehicles to assure no tangible property is removed prior to the will being read and/or the estate settled.   Changing the locks is an excellent first step but if security is still a concern, you may want to consider external storage.  Whatever the case and whatever your needs, we are able to store the property in our secure facility for the required period and there are no long term lease commitments to deal with.

As a beneficiary, following the passing of a loved one, you will have grief issues to contend with and possibly personal business issues as well.   Decisions concerning the retention, disposal or distribution of personal items or vehicles to family members may be difficult to face at this time.   Available space in your home may be lacking.   Primo Storage can help with temporary storage.   We have a wide range of storage unit sizes available in our controlled access facility and there are no long term lease commitments.   As you gradually dispose of the inherited property or move some into your home, your storage needs will be reduced.   Those remaining items may be difficult to place and still bear a strong emotional tie making them difficult to part with.  At any time, you will be able to downsize to a smaller unit.  No questions asked.   We make it easy for you.

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Ottawa Estate Storage